EXL Global Marketing Pty Ltd

EXL Global Marketing is an Australian based business that provides importing, exporting and distribution of high quality and specialised building products to the world.

  • Magnesium Oxide Board (MgO)
  • Wonder Board, Supa Board
  • Queensland Sandstone in Block (export)
  • Insulation: Roof, Ceiling and Walls
  • Natural Stone: Slab, Tile, Cobble and Pavers
  • Porcelain Tiles
    Or any other quality Products.

    Mission Statement.

    We have a strong commitment to service and reliability. EXL Global Marketing is a business that provides an opportunity to purchase quality products at an extremely competitive price.

At EXL Global Marketing we believe in the values and principals of fairness and integrity in business. These are practiced throughout the organisation.

Agents & Stockists

EXL Global Marketing is seeking suitable organisations (and people) interested in joining an exciting opportunity servicing the industry. This is a global opportunity. Refer to our "News" section for more information or contact us today!

Our wall & floor cladding products are Magnesium Oxide (MgO) based and are fully natural product. Blends of Magnesium Oxide have been used throughout the world in buildings for over 8 centuries. Buildings such as the Great Wall of China was constructed using Magnesium based martar. In ancient europe, Artisans made homes using a construction of a timber frame and a Magnesium Oxide infill. After 800 years there are no gaps visible in these walls.

Some of the key benefits of using Magnesium Oxide include;

  • High durability and strength.
  • Water resistance and will not rot. Immune to permanent damage by water.
  • Will not expand, contract or crack in extreme weather temperatures.
  • An environmentally friendly product. Contains no toxic substance such as mercury, lead, chromium, cement or asbestos.
  • Non flammable